Our favorite part of the day, is the night. 

The average person spends a third of their life asleep. That's a lot of time spent lying down. The people at Nightcall are different, we don't sleep much. It's not that we dislike sleep, it's just that there's always something better to do. In fact, it seems like the Nightcall crew have spent the last few years up late. Talking, planning, drinking, drawing, cutting & sewing... Doing what we love and working damn hard at it. Creating art and clothing for ourselves, our friends and now, for you. That's the plan and this is where it begins. We have many more sleepless nights ahead, but we'll never be caught laying down. Get up. Get busy. The nights calling. 

Nightcall was created by three good friends from opposite sides of the world. Melbourne artist Rik Lee, Los Angeles designers Alex Vargas and Rose Tee.
    Rik Lee has worked as a professional illustrator for over ten years. His signature style of hand- drawn girls, animals and iconic imagery has landed him a worldwide cult following. Rik has worked with a large range of high profile clients and regularly exhibits his work internationally.
    Alex Vargas has spent 15 years of his career in product development and designing for lifestyles such as extreme sports, haute couture and swimwear, He lives and breaths fashion in downtown LA and now sets the path as Creative Director for Nightcall.
    Rose Tee is 66 years young and has worked in the fashion industry for over 35 years. Starting at the tender age of 15. Rose has built a reputation of being the best in the business with her pattern making and sewing craftsmanship. Top brands and fashionistas such as Jeremy Scott, Odd Future, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. She also just finished up being on Fashion Star as one of the pattern makers to showcase her talents, look out for her on Fashion Star 2013' filmed right here LA.

Nightcall began as a simple idea, to combine a love of great art work with quality clothing. Three friends talking, drawing and designing at all hours of the night, working around their commitments, chasing a shared dream. Fast forward two years and Nightcall has arrived. Proving that hard work and late nights pay off.